Vata/Kapha mixed or dual type

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The Vata/Kapha mix is an interesting mixture that can offer great qualities or conflicts. The physical nature of this type will tend to reflect the Kapha type more than the Vata type of body; i.e., stronger and well formed rather than thin. In a smaller percentage of people the Vata type can dominate physically, but if this is the case, the mental disposition will exhibit more Kapha type qualities.

Physically this type can suffer from some of the traits of the Vata type like constipation and colic pain. Generally speaking, this type has a strong constitution and does not become ill very easily. They do, however, tend to be troubled by many small, nagging problems in their health. These problems are usually related to the Vata principle and reflect either migrating pains, nervous problems or irregularities in the metabolism. The Vata side of the constitution can aggravate the Vata side quite effortlessly and cause bloating, distention, and edema. The lungs can also suffer from allergies or congestion.

The easiest qualities of this combination are the intuitive, quick mental attributes of the Vata type together with the stability and persistence of the Kapha type. The farsighted Kapha type counteracts the usual short sightedness of the Vata type – this combination gives many qualities for artistic endeavors. This type can be very socially oriented and can work well with people in a caring, motherly capacity. They make good service oriented people and are good at communicating and relating with others.

When afflicted they can suffer from the worst of both principles. This can be hard to deal with, as qualitatively the two are opposites. This means that the Vata side likes to move and change while the Kapha side hates change and movement. The Vata type likes all kinds of irregularity – staying up late, eating at strange hours – and the Kapha type likes regularity – eating and sleeping at the same time every day. The physical problems that can result from this are reflected in a confused metabolism. The slowness of the Kapha side is quite disturbed by the erratic behavior of the Vata side. The spontaneity of the Vata side is aggravated by the rigidity of the Vata side.

Understanding the two sides is critical for this combination or mental and physical unhappiness results. Working with the dual aspect of your constitution brings harmony and peaceful metabolic function. Ignoring one or the other of your two sides will bring digestive, nervous disorders and mental problems – usually poor self-esteem and self-negating attitudes. This can be one of the most interesting and happy of the types when both sides of the nature are well understood.

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