Vata/Pitta mixed or dual type

are you a dual type?


This type is a mix of both Vata and Pitta. These mixes are called dual types as they reflect a combination of both principles. Usually, a dual type is pretty equal in displaying the traits of their type. However, one of the types can dominate in either the body or the psychology giving a person who looks like one type but behaves like another type. This is not the typical scenario however.

Physically these types are in-between the Vata and Pitta types or following either the Vata or the Pitta type. Generally, they are thinner rather than thicker and can exhibit either the dry, nervous qualities of the Vata type or the hot, dynamic qualities of the Pitta type. As nature is infinite in her combinations so are the possible mixes of these two principles. Physical structure is less a means of determining a dual type than observing your metabolism. This kind of mix will tend to have a strong digestion but be occasionally troubled by gas, malabsorption of nutrients, or diarrhea. They will normally be free from disease and are stronger than the pure Vata type. Yet, they are not as resistant to illness as the Pitta type and can – when unbalanced – fall prey to the problems of both Vata and Pitta.

On the same tract, this mix can also exhibit the best attributes of the two types. This combination can make good athletes like track and field, skiing, racing or any sort, or swimming. They like to move and compete in events or activities and are perhaps more social than the pure Pitta type. They are also easier going than the pure Pitta type, yet more practical and persistent than the pure Vata type.

As the Vata person is the most innovative and creative and the Pitta person is the most practical and dynamic, this type is revered in our present society. The more developed side of this mix is a person who can achieve many things that are creative and innovative. They communicate well and are full of energy. They have the ability to actualize their ideas and dreams in concrete forms and can make good leaders in business. This is also an excellent mix for teaching in general and the pursuit of knowledge. The Pitta qualities add a good determination to the Vata qualities for the pursuit of studies and the ability to focus on one subject at a time in order to fully explore it.

In less developed types this mix can lead to intellectual indecisiveness, insecurity and frustration. They can become over mental but with a frustration or sense of irritability that can be difficult to live with. This mix can also lead to irrational kinds of behavior with a violent or aggressive flavor.

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