Pitta Prakriti Profile

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Physical Profile of Pitta

The Pitta person has a very strong metabolism. They digest quickly and have the strongest power of digestion; they can eat anything. Their metabolism runs on the hot side and they tend to be ‘hot blooded’ in all senses of the meaning. They have warm skin, hands and feet. Their blood circulation is the strongest of the three types and they can be prone to heart or blood problems later in life.

Their metabolism is not only strong, but also consistent. Up until about forty years of age they will hardly notice the process of digestion unless it is heart burn or acidity. After forty they suddenly begin to notice that a few pounds arrived uninvited. Then they tend to become more aware of problematic foods like tomatoes or acidic citrus fruits.

When they do have problems digestively it reveals itself in the form of loose stools or diarrhea. Fried foods especially can trigger this kind of response. This is extremely true for fast foods or restaurant foods that are prepared in old or poor quality oils. The excess consumption of fried foods can also make them obese. Generally, they are neither thin nor overweight unless they eat too many fried and fatty foods. They will be the most regular in bowel movements of the three types.

Pitta types tend to suffer from skin problems due to the acidic nature of their blood and body fluids in general. They can also have liver problems even if they do not drink alcohol. Their eyesight may be poor or they may have trouble with their eyes at some point in their life. Generally, they will tend to have red eyes or be sensitive to the sunlight more than the other types. They often wear glasses.

They tend to be medium in build and bone structure. They are the most ‘average’ in size of the three types. However, do not be deceived by this distinction. Any of the types can have an ‘average’ build. They fall in-between the other types in both size and weight. They have an average level of endurance and stamina. Nonetheless, they have the strongest minds and so they can achieve actions beyond their normal strength or stamina through will power alone.

They have a good immune system and do not generally fall sick – unless they work too much! They tend to suffer more from frustration or over work than from physical illness. They are prone to exhaustion and burn out which leaves them open to infectious diseases. They suffer from inflammatory problems when they do fall ill.

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