Vata Prakriti Profile

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Physical Profiles of Vata

This person has a variable metabolism; in other words, there is no daily consistency in digestion. One day the person will digest a pizza easily and the next not at all. On still yet another day the same pizza will cause minor indigestion. This shows an inconsistency in metabolism, and as digestive function is one of the main indications of the overall metabolism we can judge that vata people will not consistently digest the same food or dish the same way.

These people tend to digest quickly when they do digest and tend to get gas when they do not digest well. When this type is disturbed they will become constipated, or bloated, or just ‘gassy’. These people will tend to have dry skin, dry hair and it is this same internal dryness that can cause constipation.

This type will generally have a smaller bone structure – their skeletal frame. The bones themselves will be thinner rather than thicker. They will tend to be tall and thin or short and thin. However, when this type is disturbed or agitated they can become fat. This is truer in adulthood after the age of thirty. These people are usually thin by the time they enter adolescence, if not for their whole life.

This type has difficulty to gain weight. No matter how much they eat they rarely seem to gain any weight. In general they are not big eaters, but prefer to eat smaller amounts more frequently. They are the least interested in food of the seven types and will very often settle for poor quality foods like fast foods, junk foods or snacking, just because of a lack of interest.

Even though their metabolism is variable they will tend to be cool or cold most of the time. Their blood circulation is not strong and they generally have cold hands and feet because of this. They do not like cold weather much and need to cover themselves from the elements more than the other types.

The Vata person has the weakest immune system of all the types and will often come down with allergies, a cold or the flu. Yet, they usually have abundant energy, though not necessarily the stamina to keep up with it. They very often will be quite talkative, or even chaotic in a scattered sort of way. They are known to be good at starting things and not at finishing them. They can easily be disturbed from computers or other electronic devises, as they are the most physically sensitive of the three types.

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