Food preparation and recipes

Food preparation and recipes

This is a practical part of the site that provides you with clear and precise information on the preparation of food. Ayurvedic Nutrition attaches great importance to the preparation of food. The problems that we can experience with different foods usually come from the preparation and not the foods themselves. A prime example of this is the preparation of whole grains.

Many people complain that whole grains are difficult to digest and cause bloating and flatulence. The main reason for the difficulty in digesting whole grains comes from the fact that they are not sufficiently cooked. The other reason for flatulence is that they are not chewed long enough. Consequently, the fact of cooking and chewing food properly will make them two to three times more digestible. Undercooked cereals and grains are difficult to digest and cause intestinal colic, bloating and flatulence. It is therefore important to know how cook food according to Ayurveda.

The first part will start with the procedure for the proper cooking of whole grains. Please note that we do not recommend cooking with salt; this way of cooking is more an acquired habit than a real need to bring out the flavor of the grain. The use of salt increases both kapha and pitta as salt increases retention of water (kapha) and pungent (pitta).

How to prepare RICE and other GRAINS or CEREALS.

There are many ways to cook VEGETABLES.

VEGETABLE SOUPS are a great way to eat vegetables.

My favorite Vegetable pie & Summer Dishes recipes.

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