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Ayurvedic diet : an individual approach

Ayurveda has always had an individualized approach to nutrition. Fine out how you structure your diet to fit your constitution. One of the fundamental ideas in Ayurveda is that your body is intelligent and seeks health if you support it through good habits. Additionally, health is defined as a dynamic state – not just the absence of disease as in modern medicine. The idea in Ayurvedic nutrition is that health can be increased not just maintained through right lifestyle and diet. Thus, an Ayurvedic diet is an individualized approach that brings a dynamic state of being.

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Vaidya Atreya Smith, BSc

Director of the Institute, teacher

Author of six books on the healing arts of India and three text books for Western students of Ayurveda Atreya brings over 23 years of clinical experience to his school, teaching and, of course, his patients.

There is a great need to adapt Ayurveda to our individual environments and situations while remaining true to the system. The failure to adapt Ayurveda to your local culture will result in mediocre, mixed results, or even failure. If you live in a desert environment like Arizona or North Africa then the same advise you read will need to be adapted differently in Montana or Northern Europe. The primary lesson that I am learning from years of practicing Ayurveda is to use intelligence in understanding the reasons behind any therapy or treatment. It is now more than 23 years since I began to work professionally with people in the healing arts.

My teaching of Ayurveda professionally in Europe since 1996 has been based on my experience as a practitioner. Of course I read the Ayurvedic classics, and of course I have been introduced to Ayurveda through the writings of Dr Lad, Dr Svoboda and David Frawley. However, I was lucky enough to be living in India when their books came out and I was already using Ayurvedic medicines to treat problems without really knowing anything about the system. Thus, my whole approach to teaching is practical and based on personal experience - you do not get much second hand information from me. I have my current practice side by side with my school and I remain faithful to the traditional application of Ayurveda in both my practice and with my students. If you want an experienced teacher that has thousands of clinical cases in their memory while answering your questions, look no further. Why students choose to study with people who only have theoretical knowledge is really beyond me. Ayurveda is first and foremost a practical system. See my full CV here.


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