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Ayurvedic diet : an individual approach

Ayurveda has always had an individualized approach to nutrition. Fine out how you structure your diet to fit your constitution. One of the fundamental ideas in Ayurveda is that your body is intelligent and seeks health if you support it through good habits. Additionally, health is defined as a dynamic state – not just the absence of disease as in modern medicine. The idea in Ayurvedic nutrition is that health can be increased not just maintained through right lifestyle and diet. Thus, an Ayurvedic diet is an individualized approach that brings a dynamic state of being.

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E-Learning 2016 / 2017 class

Namaskar Atreya,

I have just finished all quizzes. Thank you very much for all your time and your knowledge. It has been a great pleasure studying with you. I am soo grateful and happy to have decided to study with you and left the Ayurveda College in London.

Much love!!!


Dear Atreya,

I also want to express you my deep thanks for the passed two semesters. You are doing a great job! May God bless you and all your teachers for the efforts to spread noble and authentic knowledge. With best wishes while the sound of summer rains flow in front of the window calms the mind and pulling it towards a time and spaceless ocean.....


Dear Atreya,

It was a great course, Atreya! Thank you so much. I have always been interested in herbology and pharmacology of plants which was also a reason to study Pharmacy. I lost this a bit over the years and now it is all back and with a different angle which feels like the missing link. I also truly admire your studies in Western Drayvaguna - this is groundbreaking pioneer work. I hope and wish that you get the credits for this in the community. In this course I gained a new understanding of herbal formulas - really cool.

Warm regards, Anja (Part 3 e-learning)

Dear Atreya,

I also wanted to let you know that this year has been amazing and I am so grateful you offer these courses. Your perspective, experiences, lectures, personality, humor, and clarity have helped tremendously in understanding Ayurveda as a system, science, and art (to potentially unfold in actual experience as we start to practice :)). I appreciate how you help to orient Ayurveda, not only in its genealogy and lineage, but with the current "wellness Ayurveda" mutation :) that undermines much of the classical logic and approach. It helps to distinguish between the two---especially because my first program was very "wellness-"oriented, and reflected more of the owner of the school’s new-age niche than classical Ayurveda. I felt I was hitting walls in my understanding, and felt very unprepared to work with anyone! I’m looking forward to this case-study and see what synthesizes—or not :). Thank you for being a true teacher and mentor, even if at a distance.


Dear Atreya,

Thank you for all the teachings transmitted and the clarity of the explanations, now I feel that I have built a solid foundation and I will treasure it. As you have recalled several times, Ayurveda needs to be thorough and practiced over time, and I sincerely hope to contribute positively to its dissemination at least to the extent that I can professionally apply it. I hope I can soon follow the course on Dravyaguna. This past past has been a very challenging year and I now feel the need to metabolize all the acquired knowledge and recover economic resources to invest in new training. Meanwhile, I focus on completing the commitments regarding this training still in progress. It was a great honor to attend the course.


Hi Atreya,

Today is the last session. I learned a lot of you in a short while. But in the future, I must also digest and slowly integrate through practice. I’m grateful that you’ve come to my path as a teacher. You are an inspirational person for me and thank you for who you are.


E-learning 2015 / 2016 class

Hi Atreya,

I finally did it and this is the end of a great year, again thank you for this wonderful course, you are doing good to humanity sharing your knowledge and I will always be grateful. You were my first teacher that I truly admire, I will always have you in my heart. Thank you, I will miss you :) Best wishes and great success with everything.

Andrea (MD)

Dear Atreya,

As I sit down and start working through the course work again (each time with a slightly new perspective), I am so very thankful for the teachings that you passed on to us. Each live lecture I felt you presented yourself and your teachings openly and honestly and to the best of your ability at the time. I also felt the information was presented in a clear and logical order which no doubt enhanced our learnings. Overall, as promised, the course work offered a holistic basis and understanding of Ayurveda within a very practical approach. Although I currently feel compelled to write (and continue to process knowledge), my second priority to begin seeing patients. This will be the first time in my life that I can work in the health/healing profession and truly believe in the approach that I offer! I am very excited to share what I have learned, and to keep on learning. Best regards and wishes,

Susie (MD)

Namaste Atreya, Please find attached the case study for evaluation. What can I say to thank you for this course? The integrity and depth of it is so deeply nourishing to me and I have a handful of clients booked in already over the next few weeks.... wonderfully exciting....

Sat nam, Jagat Joti

Dear Atreya,

It’s been a pleasure to learn from you during these 2 years. And I remember now the day I decided to start the course, I was in Thailand and suddenly I saw clearly I wanted to enter this beautiful world we can see better through Ayurveda. Week after week I have enjoyed the lessons and the live classes, and I have learnt, a part from Ayurveda, how to approach life in a deeper sense. I thank you again for your presence and for how you have talked and written to us from the first day. You have been an example for me in many ways.


Dear Atreya,

I want to thank you for this year of teachings, I feel very fortunate that I was able to study with a great teacher like you and to learn from your experiences. I loved every bit of it. I appreciate the firm structure you provided; you got us all motivated to do the best of our abilities. All the best to you and the work you’re doing. Best regards,


E-learning Part One 2014 / 2015

Hello Atreya,

Here is my case study, the final examination of what I’ve learned this year.

This e-learning course has been an intense and profound journey. At the beginning of this year I couldn’t imagine having the confidence to do a consultation and actually saying something meaningful. But thanks to your course which is set up very well, your teaching skills and off course my own effort I now am able to distinguish vata, pitta and kapha from each other, their normal functioning from prakriti functioning and healthy from unhealthy signs. It has given me a basic confidence in my own knowledge so far. Off course I also see there is still a lot to learn but I’m very grateful for the lessons I’ve learned this year. Thank you!!


Andrea (12 July 2015)

Dear Atreya,

By this I want to thank you for all the great lessons you gave. Every week it has been very inspiring and valuable to me. Your practical approach is just what I needed. In my own practice I already experienced a lot of pitfalls and did not very well know how to deal with them. Your practical guidance supports me very much. One of my big pitfalls is to take too much responsibility for the healing processes of my patients. Your information gave me awareness how to deal with that and how to be consistent in that. I still have a lot to learn on that anyway…

In my consultations I try to use what you have taught us bit by bit. It helps me to improve my results. And I know better what I am doing. So now I practice what you taught us an I am gaining insight and experience what Ayurveda is and does.

Thank you for all your lessons and comments!

Josine (12 July 2015)

Dear Atreya,

Thank you for sharing all your time, patience, vulnerability and knowledge this year. I hope to meet you once you are in the Netherlands one day for more teachings. Let’s see in future! Good luck with all your further teachings and Ayurvedic work. Love & light for you and your family wherever you go.

Warm greetings,

Marriëlle (12 July 2015)

Hello Atreya,

Hope everything is fine, I finished my case study and I’m very pleased and grateful with all you have taught me, I’m not sure I will be ever capable of letting you now the enormous change you brought into my life and for the best.

This year was one of my best, as you know I’m a doctor, but I never felt I "fit in " so now, I’m more than exited to start this new year with more course on Ayurveda.

For ever grateful and happy to hear your comments on my work,

Andrea (05 July 2015)

Hello Atreya,

I wasn’t in the last Q&A session and hence did not have the opportunity to say thank you for your patience, wisdom and perseverance with a whole bunch of us. It has been great studying with you, not only I learned a lot about Ayurveda but also learnt subtle things about life style, diet and Ayurveda in general. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with such passion and generosity.

Kind regards, look forward to studying next term. This is a fascinating and most enjoyably challenging study.

Sine (02 July 2015)

Dear Atreya,

Thank you for an incredibly wonderful year of learning this beautiful wisdom of Ayurveda ! It has at times been tough to study besides a full-time job and family, but it has been very enriching and definitely worth the effort in every way.

Thank you for your time and effort in teaching and guiding us ! And I look forward to “seeing” you next year for Dravyaguna :)

Have a nice summer,

Dennis (29 June 2015)

Dear Atreya,

thank you very much for all the knowledge and experience you shared with us during this year. I am very happy I started the course and I am grateful you accepted me. The course has overcome my expectations and I feel really engaged into Ayurveda and willing to share this knowledge with more people around me. I will probably start the next level of the E-learning course on September, so please let me know when the website is ready for registration.

Here is my case study. It was very interesting to listen and observe the patient for the first time in an Ayurvedic way. Translating every thing into dosha, dhatu, mala, agni... And in the second visit I saw the effects of the preliminary treatment... And it was very fast. What I expected theoretically was actually happening. It is a special feeling...

Thank you very much for all your time, love and devotion you showed to us, for your explanations, corrections and advices, and for being always so open to listen to all of our requests and doubts in such a receptive way.

Jordi (13 June 2015)

Dravyaguna e-learning course (Part 3)

Dear Atreya,

I would like to thank you profoundly for your wonderful herbal course ! I know you are a humble man, but nevertheless I must tell you that you are an inspiration and what you have to offer the world is pure Gold. I was literally taken aback at times by the clarity and depth of your understanding and your ability to convey the truth of Ayurveda ! I thought very carefully about anything that may improve the course. But quite frankly I think that it was great, It was paced very well, not too much or too little work . It seemed to me to work very, very well.

All the best Gino (25 June 2015)

Hi Atreya,

I just completed listening to Lesson 14 (of 17), and wanted to take a moment just to thank you for all of your effort and teachings. After turning off my computer, I sat quietly and was able to reflect on the very profound nature of Ayurveda and how much hope it offers not only to me for my own healing but to many others who are suffering. I fully commit to continue to being an ambassador for all Ayurveda has to offer. I remain deeply indebted to you for your dedication to our learning process and will always remain humbled by the complexity and depth, yet simplicity of these concepts. I am just “wowed” by each and every lecture and am most grateful. Ayurveda has now become a consistent lens through which I see and experience the world. I have grown so much since taking my first e-learning course with you years ago. I have evolved into a more conscious, aware person and make very different decisions regarding what I consume and how I live as a result of my training with you. Thank you for providing such a detailed and meticulous template for my learning. You have had a tremendous impact on my life!

Many thanks to you!


Sue (May 2015)

Nagpur 2014

Dearest Atreya, I sit here with memories escaping my eyes and rolling down my cheeks! Some bitter, some sweet. Thank You for facilitating my going to Vinayak. All of us so wished you could have been there. We did hear of your medical challenges and send the most radiant light and love the universe has to offer. I have looked at your herb course many times but just broke the bank going to India. I will keep rereading your books, which by the way I used for the final exam! Be we’ll brother and Thank You Again! I am planning on attending Dr. Joshi’s course in the states next year.


E-learning 2013 / 2014

Dear Atreya, I made my case-study with much pleasure. It was difficult but nice to do. Thanks for your nice lessons last year. Best wishes , Mieke

Dear Atreya, I hope my case study does justice to the wonderful teaching I received from you! Warm regards, José

Dear Atreya, Thank you for the corrections in my case study and the way you did it, with a lot of attention, I appreciate that. Thanks!

I had a really good year. I learned a lot and it gave me a good base for the next year study and some more self-confidence to start working with clients. Next year I will do the Part 3-e-learning course on herbal medicine, have a very good summer too and meet you in September. Corry

Dear Atreya, Thank you very much for your corrections, they are very helpful. I see them as an encouragement to start to help more people through Ayurveda (which I find the most complete and helpful health system there is). It was a pleasure to attend this course. I will continue to reread the course material. Part 3 I will probably join in 2016.

Thank you very much for all the knowledge you have shared! Wishing you all the best. Brigitte

Dear Atreya, Thank you so much for your valuable feedback in my final study case. Just to tell you again that I really enjoyed this year learning so many things, thanks for sharing all you knowledge.

The seed of Ayurveda in in me, so definitely I will see you soon in another course, continuing learning in one of my goals. Best wishes, Ana

Dear Atreya, I hereby send you my final case study. I hope it meets the requirements. Last but not least: I’m very thankful that I was fortunate to take your Ayurveda classes. Thank you for everything. Maya

Testimonials from NAGPUR 2013

Hi Atreya, Apparently Mukul keeps you in touch with everything that concerns us here, so we suppose that there’s nothing much more to say . Nevertheless we’d like to say that we’re having a very profitable time and that Dr Joshi and all of his staff are really terrific from all points of view. Everything is working like clockwork and we are very happy together.

Our ayurvedic preparation that we received from you is proving to be a good foundation for our present instruction. So we would like to thank you very much for what we received from you: if all of your efforts help to spread Ayurveda in this sick world, you will be well able to say that it was worthwhile! Kind regards and Namaste with the joined photo, 2013 group

Testimonials from NAGPUR 2011

Thank you very much-greetings from Nagpur!!! We are all having a wonderful and most enlightening time!!!!


I just wanted to let you know that we are having such a fantastic learning experience here in India. It is a full on schedule, but is really deepening our understanding of Ayurveda. Thank you so much.


I wanted to let you know that I am having a fantastic time in Nagpur. Dr. Joshi, Mukul and Pravim are all fantastic and the learning is going very well. I feel very fortunate to have this opportunity and I am deeply grateful that you arranged it so that I could be here.


Dear Atreya,

I am currently laid over in the Newark airport on my third and last leg of my two-day journey home from India and wanted to thank both of you for providing and facilitating an incredible year-long immersion in Ayurveda.

Dr. Joshi’s course was a perfect adjunct to the foundation you provided, and the experience I had in his clinic far exceeded my expectations. With the information I received in your e-learning combined with the practical application of Ayurveda in Dr. Joshi’s clinic, I feel fully prepared and ready to begin seeing clients. During my most recent course of study in India, I not only gained valuable information, I was also able to deepen my personal commitment to my own Ayurvedic practice.

My private consultation with Dr. Joshi really helped me witness how such a consultation is conducted and produced some surprising results. I had made an erroneous assumption about my constitution (PK not VP as I originally assumed) because of my Vata Vrikritti!

I am dedicated to pursuing my own healing in addition to establishing myself as an Ayurvedic practitioner. I do recognize that Ayurveda is a practice of lifelong learning, and I am privileged to be part of the Ayurvedic family.

Finally, I would like to add that it was wonderful to meet my fellow e-learning students in person as well as several other students you have trained in the past. I think you would have been proud of your e-learning team, as we all were very prepared for Dr. Joshi’s program after taking your course and demonstrated a great deal of commitment to our studies while in Nagpur. We formed a special bond and plan to stay in touch to support each other’s practices.

Thank you both again for a wonderful year-long journey!

Please inform me of any future trainings or advanced learning opportunities in Ayurveda that you develop. I remain very enthusiastic about continuing my relationship with you.

Best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors.

Warm Regards, Sue

E-learning course

Hi Atreya,

Many thanks to both of you for a wonderful year. What a journey this has been and a privilege to be a student of both of you. I am so excited about what I have learned and what is to come as I incorporate Ayurveda into my practice. Everything you’ve said about integrating and assimilating the material makes a lot of sense. I do appreciate and understand that this is a lifelong process.

I have completed all of my homework and lessons at this time and am glad to have the time to review my notes and lectures before I go to India. I’ve had a understanding of each lesson as I’ve gone back through them, as I seem to have more clarity. The wealth of information in this course has been amazing and more than I ever expected. I also have been so pleased with the e-learning format and don’t think I would have learned as much with any other forum. The dedication and responsiveness both of you have demonstrated during the course of our learning has been outstanding. Everything you have done has been so appreciated! This has been a transformational year for me, and I am grateful to you. I hope to continue to help others, to make a difference, and to practice what you have taught me here in LA. I truly threw myself into my studies and was able to do so despite the family stressors I had working against me. This course was truly as blessing, and Ayurveda is very important to me.

Dear Atreya

I have worked really hard on this course so far and have been impressed with your dedication and knowledge. It is a privilege to be your student and to be associated with your Institute.

Dear Atreya

thank you so much for this course—I really enjoy it.

I have studied ashtanga yoga (primarily asanas) for approximately 10 years with a rather intense practice for the last 5 years. I have done a lot of workshops on asana and philosophy but there seemed to be something missing.

In this course it feels like I have found that missing piece and it has added another dimension to my yoga practice. Primarily the explanation of the philosophy—or samkhya vision rather—has added a dimension which I have looked for in the ashtanga environment but not found.

I am also inspired by the way both of you use language. The very specific way you articulate and express things. I like how the classes are planned with the lecture, time for self study and then a Q&A.

Hello Atreya,

I have enjoyed the times when you have been funny in the forum and lectures as well :)

I think that the course so far has been excellent. At times i have struggled to keep up due to full time work etc, but I am really enjoying it and feel that I am learning so much. I love the fact that the lectures are live, even if I am rarely able to attend, I think this is an important aspect to keep as it makes me feel more in touch with everyone and it keeps a sense of the present - this is happening here and now. Hope that makes sense!!

Dear Atreya,

A couple of things at the end of the course. The course has been more demanding time wise than expected, it´s wonderful and I love it, but this autumn was a really busy one for me.

Dear Atreya,

Thank you for a great lecture, really enjoyed it and it helped me to understand better about physiological prakriti’s :)

Hi Atreya,

I just wanted to thank you for your very thorough and clear answers to my questions from the forum. I really learned a lot from watching the tape of the Q & A session this morning.

Dear Atreya,

Attached is my final case study assignment for the e-learning level 1.

Thank you for your time to review this.

Regarding the e-learning course - I thought overall it was a very well structured course with an abundance of information that was well organized and presented by you. The aids of the live webcams (and even seeing a person in the recorded sessions) was really effective, much more so than simply reading from a text. There really was no difference to actually being in the room with you, particularly when the lecture was given live. You could repeat the course as is and it remains outstanding, in my opinion.

Dear Atreya,

I hope you remember me from your first e-learning group from 2010-2011. Your class marked the beginning of a personal and professional transformation that resulted in a deep commitment to Ayurveda. I think of you often, and my training in India was one I will never forget. I have been very blessed to have wonderful teachers and guides for my journey!

I have referred several perspective students and clients to you during the recent months. I hope they find their way to you.

I wish you well during this holiday season.

Warm Regards (Dec 2012)


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