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Ayurvedic diet : an individual approach

Ayurveda has always had an individualized approach to nutrition. Fine out how you structure your diet to fit your constitution. One of the fundamental ideas in Ayurveda is that your body is intelligent and seeks health if you support it through good habits. Additionally, health is defined as a dynamic state – not just the absence of disease as in modern medicine. The idea in Ayurvedic nutrition is that health can be increased not just maintained through right lifestyle and diet. Thus, an Ayurvedic diet is an individualized approach that brings a dynamic state of being.

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Teaching Methodology E-Learning

Benefits of E-learning verses traditional classroom

All collaborative learning theory contends that human interaction is a vital ingredient to learning. There are many reasons why E-learning offers an improved overall learning experience, especially when learning the theory and basic practices of Ayurveda.

What is e-learning? Click here to find out, it is NOT distance learning.

EIVS uses three teaching supports:
- Adobe Connect Pro e-learning classroom
- Forum dedicated to weekly homework assignments & student discussions
- Online quiz program for weekly assessment

The Adobe Connect Pro platform allows the student to watch recorded classes, download PDF support documents, download homework assignments and to participate in live weekly question and answer classes with the teacher. All weekly homework assignments are reviewed and corrected by the teacher. The weekly online quiz allows the teacher to evaluate the understanding of each student.

Read the US government department of education’s report on e-learning here!

“Evaluation of Evidence-Based Practices in Online Learning: A Meta-Analysis and Review of Online Learning Studies” 2010 Technical Report. U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.

Excerpt: “A systematic search of the research literature from 1996 through July 2008 identified more than a thousand empirical studies of online learning…. The meta-analysis found that, on average, students in online learning conditions performed modestly better than those receiving face-to-face instruction. The difference between student outcomes for online and face-to-face classes — measured as the difference between treatment and control means, divided by the pooled standard deviation — was larger in those studies contrasting conditions that blended elements of online and face-to-face instruction with conditions taught entirely face-to-face.”

Here are some other reasons why e-learning methods improve learning efficiency and improve the overall learning experience for both students and teachers alike:

All types of learners will benefit

E-learning provides a single experience that accommodates the three main learning styles:

- Auditory learners
- Visual learners
- Kinesthetic learners

Personalized learning

E-learning also offers individualized instruction, which print media cannot provide, and instructor-led courses allow in only a limited manner.

During live classes, you will be able to ask questions by chat to your teacher.

Dynamic online continual assessment

E-Learning allows the teacher to monitor the students learning through online quizzes and tests, helping to motivate the student and highlight weak spots in the learning process. Since Ayurveda requires a sequential mastering of concepts, it is essential that each new subject is adequately understood before moving to the next one. Online quizzes and tests help fulfill this goal without stealing from normal classroom hours.

Flexible hours

Weekly live classes are at fixed times, but if for some reason a student misses a class, or due to work is not available, they can simply log on and watch a video recording of the entire session. This allows the student to access all the learning materials that are needed to quickly get up to speed.

Despite fixed weekly deadlines for completing homework exercises, the student will be largely free to choose when they study.

Individualized pace

E-learning is self-paced. Fast learners can speed through material, while slower learners can take their time, eliminating frustration with themselves, their fellow students and the course.

In these ways, E-learning caters for the needs of all types of learners and offers clear advantages over the tradition intensive trainings of lecture programs.

Higher retention of content through personalized learning

E-learning allows more room for individual differences in learning styles. It provides a high level of simulation that can be tailored to your level of proficiency. With 24 / 7 access, the student can learn at their own pace and review course material as often as needed leading to a 60% faster learning curve, compared to instructor-led training. The delivery of content in smaller units contributes further to better learning.

Improved collaboration and interactivity among students

It is possible to imagine that a risk of E-learning could be a feeling of isolation. While nothing replaces the social contact of a traditional classroom, E-learning exceeds in creating strong learning bonds between students through collaborative learning tools like online document sharing, message boards, chats and e-mail.

Electronic learning offers more collaboration and interaction between the teacher and students as well as a higher success rate than the traditional alternative. Using the dedicated forum is one such tool. Teaching and communication techniques which create an interactive online environment include case studies, story-telling, demonstrations, simulations, streamed videos, online references, personalized coaching and mentoring, discussion groups, project teams, chat rooms, e-mail, forum, tips, tutorials, etc.

E-learning can be more stimulating and encourage more critical reasoning than a traditional instructor-led class because it allows the kind of interaction that takes place in small group settings. Studies have shown that students who take online courses are typically drawn into the subject matter of the class more deeply than in a traditional course because of the discussions they get involved in. This engagement is enhanced by the fact that tutors do not monopolize attention in an online environment.

For each class that the student attends, the teacher will set homework exercises that require collaboration with fellow students as well as critical guidance from the teacher.

A typical work cycle goes like this:

Step 1 - Recorded Class: learn about tongue diagnosis

Step 2 - Study material: reading (PDF) and some audio material

Step 3 - Homework given: diagnose three tongues and share your results with colleagues

Step 4 - Spontaneous discussion ensues on forum

Step 5 - Teacher comments on everyone’s work

Step 6 - Live Question & Answer class with Teacher to clear up doubts

Step 7 - Students take a multiple choice quiz to allow teacher assessment

In my experience, this sort of learning cycle draws the student in the learning experience and motivates the student to push themselves to their limits. It is exciting and becomes a true passion.

Online training is less intimidating than instructor-led courses

By taking an online course the student is entering a risk-free environment in which they can try new things and make mistakes without exposing themselves. This characteristic is particularly valuable when trying to learn Ayurvedic reasoning and decision making. A good learning program shows the consequences of students’ actions and how/why they went wrong. After a failure, students can go back and try again. E-learning eliminates the embarrassment of failure in front of a group.

Up-to-date teaching material

The E-Learning environment allows the teachers to update lessons and materials instantly on a regular basis. This keeps content fresh and consistent and gives you immediate access to the most current Ayurvedic information.

With all of these advantages of E-learning, it is hard to imagine why anyone would opt to sit in a lecture or attend intensive training workshops to learn new information. Of course, there is a very practical aspect to Ayurveda, which is why our program comprises a training program in a real Ayurveda clinic - once you have mastered the basics in the comfort of your own home.



I would like to add that after teaching the first half of the program in 2010 I am amazed at how powerful the e-learning is as a tool. I have been teaching for the last 20 years - I feel that this method is superior to normal classroom instruction for a number of reasons. To be honest I did not expect it to be as good as it is !!!

12 January 2011


I have been really impressed with the e-learning platform as an educational tool. I had my expectations passed by the students performance during the course last year. Having been a teacher for the last 20 years it is my opinion that the e-learning is superior to normal classroom study. There are a number of reasons for this - the media is one reason. However, for me the main reason is that the students are required to stay immersed in Ayurveda all week long. This alone is a huge learning tool and helps the students keep interested in their studies.

19 July 2011


I keep trying to improve the course. At this time we are in the winter break of the second year. Feedback on the course remains very positive and dynamic. I feel that the e-learning platform is the best form of teaching. It is just a question of time before we transfer all of our courses in Europe into the e-learning structure - it is the future of learning.

26 August 2013


I have spent the best part of the summer re-reading and revising the course material that has been presented. Some parts I have completely re-written and improved. Many of the multiple choice questions I have completely revised to improve the course as per student feed back.

30 May 2014


I have completely revised, edited and re-written the whole course this year as material I had from assistants was often incoherent and of poor quality. I apologize to my old students that I did not do this major edit years ago - I can only plead that running two schools was too much for one person and the quality suffered. Now the material is up to my standard and can continue to be improved with details. I ended up revising all multiple choice Quiz questions and making other improvements as per student feedback. I will continue to improve the course as the years go by as I am committed to a high level of education for my students. Atreya Smith

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Clinical Protocols and Treatments in Ayurveda (Volume 3)

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Benefits of E-learning verses traditional classroom

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