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Ayurvedic diet : an individual approach

Ayurveda has always had an individualized approach to nutrition. Fine out how you structure your diet to fit your constitution. One of the fundamental ideas in Ayurveda is that your body is intelligent and seeks health if you support it through good habits. Additionally, health is defined as a dynamic state – not just the absence of disease as in modern medicine. The idea in Ayurvedic nutrition is that health can be increased not just maintained through right lifestyle and diet. Thus, an Ayurvedic diet is an individualized approach that brings a dynamic state of being.

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Home page > Education E-learning Program > Clinical Studies Curriculum Part 2

Clinical Studies Curriculum Part 2


200 hours of “Ayurvedic Clinical Study Program” (three weeks of full time study) in India

160 hours of classroom hours - study in India

40 hours - clinical method assessment


- 160 teacher contact hours (9h per day x 18 days)

There are 4 hours per day of class with Dr Joshi in the mornings and 5 hours per day of clinical practice in the afternoons.

Module Five- 32 hrs Advanced Concepts of Dosha

1) Meaning of Ayu and Triguna 5.3hrs
2) Theory and application of Panchamahabhutas 5.3hrs
3) Theory and application of Tridosha and Subdoshas, and Vruddhi and Kshaya 5.3hrs
4) Application of Panchamahabhutas with Rasa and Ritu (Season) with Dosha 5.5hrs
5) Application of Samanya-Vishesha in Dosha management 5.3hrs
6) Ashraya-Ashrayi Bhava’s 5.3hrs

Module Six- 32 hrs Clinical use of Dhatu, Mala and Srotas

1) Theory and application of Dhatu Mala 4.6hrs
2) Theory and application of Upadhatu 4.6hrs
3) Relations of Dhatu and Upadhatu 4.6hrs
4) Theory of Srotas and how to examine their functions 4.6hrs
5) Concept of Agni, types of Agni and relationship with Pitta Dosha 4.6hrs
6) Types of Koshtha’s, understanding the digestion process 4.6hrs
7) Prapak and Vipak Digestion 4.6hrs

Module Seven- 20 hrs Dravyaguna

1) Bhaishajya Kalpana-Pancha vidha Kashaya Kalpana 5hrs
2) Importance of Rasayan Chikitsa 5hrs
3) Preparation of Chyvanprash 5hrs
4) Preparation of Medicinal Ghee and Oils 5hrs

Module Eight- 77 hrs Clinical Methods Taught

1. Snehana 5.5hrs
2. Nadisvedana 5.5hrs
3. Bashpasvedana 5.5hrs
4. Pindasvedana 5.5hrs
5. Pizzichali 5.5hrs
6. Utsadana 5.5hrs
7. Udvartana 5.5hrs
8. Manya Basti 5.5hrs
9. Prushtha Basti 5.5hrs
10. Kati Basti 5.5hrs
11. Uro Basti 5.5hrs
12. Netra Basti 5.5hrs
13. Shirodhara 5.5hrs
14. Marsha Nasya 5.5hrs

Module Nine - 40 hrs

Written Exam & Clinical Methods Exam 40hrs

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What Students Say About the Nagpur Clinical Studies Program

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Dear Dr Joshi,

You can’t imagine how your course change my view about ayurveda especially this view trough the Panchamahabutha. And how it open my observation and my world comprehension. Yesterday I organized a conference about spices " why and how use in your kitchen" I spend long time to explain 6 rasa and panchamahabhuta for their understanding and how they can know more about a plant only by 5 senses. It was a great success. So I would like to say thanks to you for your generosity, and your knowledge. so thanks again, take care

Sandrine (student Nagpur 2010)

Namaskar Dr Joshi ji,

I wanted to thank you very much for the training you gave us in December. I’m really full of ayurveda now and I’m grateful to you because you strengthened my faith in this work. I’m really proud of being one of your students and would appreciate to continue to share with you. Of course now I’m digesting all the 3 weeks.

God bless you and your family. Best regards. Florence (student Nagpur 2010)




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